Yes, He can Sing! Here’s Jordan…

We have photographed a lot of singers, and they all have a voice, but Jordan’s voice is truly inspirational and amazing!  He just started singing a capella and both my assistant and me were immediately wowed!  With a voice like that you would think that Jordan would be dreaming of being the next American Idol, but this senior from Langham Creek High School has other plans.

This young man loves all things western, including country music and he really enjoys listening to Cody Johnson.  He prefers sunny days and we can just imagine him driving with his radio turned up and singing along down the road.   Jordan is a member of the Langham Creek High School choir and also uses his talents at Second Baptist Church by participating in their choir.  He gives much of his time as a worship leader and also enjoys fishing when he gets a chance.

Jordan is confidant and outgoing and he does very well in school.  He especially enjoys his math classes.  He really hopes to do something in business and his ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur, own a gym or a franchise and one day have the title of CEO after his name!

Western blog

Jordan will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station.  We think the sky is the limit for Jordan and he has his goals set high for himself!


Reece has his own ideas!

Today we are celebrating Reece, a senior from Langham Creek High School, class of 2018!  Reece is the youngest of four in his family and we have had the pleasure of photographing all of his older siblings.  It’s wonderful to catch up on what everyone is doing with each senior!

Reece’s favorite color is gray or black – he just feels more comfortable in these colors but he also mostly prefers “partly cloudy” days, so maybe this gives us some insight that he likes a little mystery and isn’t always predictable.  He enjoys target shooting and is also a gamer.  He is a huge sports fan and especially loves basketball.  We’re sure he’s cheering for the Houston Rockets to win another championship!  He listens to all kinds of rock music and especially appreciates classic rock.

In school, his favorite subject is math.  He really enjoys calculus (yes, you read that right)!  He plans to be an engineer and has always taken a heavy load of math and science classes.  This isn’t the guy that you want to challenge in a game of Trivial Pursuit, his mom says he just knows many random facts and likes trivia.  We might one day see him competing on one of his favorite trivia shows, Jeopardy in the future!

high school senior guy

Reece says he is a very honest person and we think that although he is shy, he is a great guy!  He admires his maternal grandfather because he was respected by most everyone he met and he always saw something positive in everyone.  Reece, we believe these are great qualities and since this is who you admire, you are sure to carry on your grandfather’s influences.  We wish you all the best in your pursuit of a degree in engineering!


Will, He’s a Good Guy to Have Around!

Today’s senior is from Cypress Woods High School and he excels at many things.  We photographed Will’s older sister a couple years ago and we really enjoyed meeting Will (he wasn’t a fan of senior pictures, but when we finished, he said he had a good time – wonderful news to us).  He is always willing to help others and he also has the “know how” to do just that!  He works for a gentleman that has given him the opportunity to vaccinate cows, work at the farmers market, put up new fences and even level buildings – and yes, he is just a senior in high school!

He says that one of his best qualities is how he interprets things in nature and another includes all of his diverse activities.  In addition to Will’s handy man skills, he has quite an artistic eye.  He has photographed some beautiful landscapes which he shared with us from a winter trip to Maine near a cabin where his grandparents have a cabin.  He is currently taking his third photography class in high school.

Senior guy pictures

Will really enjoys science and this year he is especially enjoying his forensics class.  He wants to be a veterinarian so he knows he has many years of education and a lot of science in front of him – but he also already has some hands on experience.  He isn’t sure if he wants to be a large animal or domestic animal veterinarian but we are sure he will figure it out as he continues with his studies at Blinn and then Texas A&M!  We are excited for you Will and look forward to seeing your journey unfold.


Kelsey, Senior from Langham Creek HS

You may or may not know this, Kelsey and Lindsey are twins!  Since I posted Lindsey first (because she’s going to a university in my home state and maybe because Kelsey’s first alphabetically and I like to mix things up), today is Kelsey’s turn!  Of course Kelsey shares many things in common with her sister, but they are also two individuals and different in many ways.

Kelsey plays the saxophone and is a section leader for the award winning Langham Creek High School Band. She admires her private lesson teacher because she says he’s not only a great musician, but he also gives his students life lesions.  Additionally, Kelsey enjoys participating in the Ocean Bowl or Aquatic Science Club.  In her spare time, she likes to crochet and continues to promote the club started by her oldest sister, Erin.  This club isn’t just for fun; they also make blankets for silent auctions, heart pillows, hats and other items to support a variety of community projects.

Kelsey enjoys rainy days and cooler weather so she can curl up with a good sci-fi book or just listen to her favorite music which could be from one of the latest musicals playing on Broadway.  She has an imagination which she puts to use when looking at clouds – white fluffy clouds or those that are announcing a storm is coming, she isn’t picky, she just likes to dream and imagine.

Kelsey Blog Board

One day Kelsey hopes to discover something and she just might do this because she really loves biology.   She is currently considering a career as a Bio-Chemist and will be attending Oregon State University beginning in the fall of this year, so you never know what future discovery is just waiting to be made!  We at Nounou Photography are excited for Kelsey and we are sure she will have many rainy days to enjoy in Oregon!


Lindsey, Senior from Langham Creek HS

I can’t believe I photographed Miss Lindsey last November and I’m just now writing this post… procrastination at its finest!  Really though, maybe I can’t believe that she’s graduating because I can still visualize her mom walking her and her sisters to Lowery Elementary and writing this post seems to put an end to that era for good.

Lindsey is a member of the award winning Langham Creek High School Band and plays the trombone.  As a trombone section leader for two years in a row, Lindsey has showed leadership and earned the respect of her peers (or we all know she wouldn’t have been section leader that second year)!  While she spends a great deal of her time practicing her trombone, she also spends time crocheting and caring for the family’s dogs and parakeets.

Studying is a priority for Lindsey.  She has definitely set good habits for her future and since she really enjoys math and science, especially algebra and chemistry, she knows her future will probably be something in engineering.   Although Lindsey is a little reserved, we think she has a great balance and we could see her personality shine in her senior portraits.

Lindsey senior portraits

We at Nounou Photography can’t wait to see what good things are in Lindsey’s future.  She plans to study electrical engineering at Ohio State University beginning in the fall semester of 2018 and she is still deciding if she wants to be a part of the marching band!


A Cheerful Personality, Meghan

One thing is for sure, you can’t deny that Meghan has a friendly personality and is eager to help and encourage others!  She is currently a senior at Langham Creek High School and is a varsity cheerleader which keeps her in tip top shape!  She is also a member of PALS and helps students at both Holmsley Elementary and Lieder Elementary.

Meghan’s outgoing personality isn’t all she has going for her.  She especially enjoys science and in particular biology is a favorite subject at school.  This is a good thing, since she hopes to one day become a pediatrician.  She is inspired by her sister Natalie (whom we also had the pleasure of photographing for her senior portraits) because she works well with people and has blended her outgoing personality into a marketing and advertising career for a company in Austin, Texas.

Meghan blog board

In the fall, Meghan will be attending Texas State.  We at Nounou Photography wish you all the best Meghan as you begin the next phase of your life’s journey!  We can only imagine what a great doctor you will someday become and the care you will provide to infants, children and their families.


Future Fashion Designer, Kieaira

Kieaira is a senior attending Cypress Lakes High School.  She loves to watch NFL, but she isn’t a Texans fan, she’s a true Pittsburgh Steelers fan!  She is very outgoing and always happy which we can attest to during her photo shoot we had a great time and we definitely love her smile.

She looks up to her mom and even says she’s “Super Woman” because she has a lot of responsibilities but is always there for her and somehow manages to balance work and home life.  This might be one reason why Kieaira is using her creativity and passion to one day become a fashion designer, but she doesn’t plan to stop there.  Kieaira also plans to own her own retail store, which will of course carry her designer clothing and since she isn’t just creative but has good business sense, she also plans to get a degree in accounting.

one image girly

Kieaira looks for inspiration in an app called Apple Vogue and hopes to one day have her designs featured in a fashion show like she sees in this app.  We at Nounou Photography wish Kieaira all the best and we are quite sure she is determined to make her dreams come true!