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Best Portrait 2007 – TPPA

Three Heart Beats


Texas Professional Photographers Association awarded Teresa Nounou of Nounou Photography located in Katy, Texas the trophy award for Best Portrait of a Group in 2007.  The annual summer seminar for Texas professional photographers was held June 24th to June 27th in Kerrville and nearly 350 prints were entered into the competition.

The winning print titled “Three Heartbeats” was captured at the Nounou Photography portrait studio.  The judging began Sunday afternoon and according to one of the judges who is a Master Craftsman Photographer, “Three Heartbeats” was an extraordinary print with amazing expression and feeling.  The portrait emphasizes the symbolic relationship between a husband and wife awaiting the birth of their child.   The couple who is portrayed in the image is also from Katy, Texas and was referred to Nounou Photography last August from another satisfied customer.

Nounou Photography specializes in High School Seniors and Family portraits.   The studio really gets to know its clients and builds long-term relationships.  According to Teresa, ” the clients love the fact that the studio provides very personalized service in a private environment“ and she believes this “allows the clients to relax, have fun and enjoy having their portraits taken.  When people have fun you can really capture their true expressions and they remember the experience.”  Teresa is passionate about creating portraits for her clients and says it is such an honor to receive this prestigious award from her peers.

There are currently 1,900 members who belong to the Texas Professional Photographers Association making it the largest membership in the United States of Professional Photographers.  This was the 14th year that professional photographers from all over the state have gathered for this annual seminar.  This summer marked Teresa’s second year to attend.
Teresa has been a resident of Katy for more than 16 years, is married and has three children.  The portrait studio has been steadily growing thanks to its many satisfied customers and referrals.


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