Seniors 2015

Austin, Class of 2015

You just never know how someone will hear about Nounou Photography, but through online video game play, Austin heard about Nounou Photography and followed up with the recommendation.   We loved his idea of taking photos in his truck with the American flag, and those became some of our favorite images from his senior shoot.

Austin plays football for Langham Creek High School.  An outgoing young man, Austin recently participated in the Langham Creek High School Mr. Lobo show, which we had the privilege to attend.  He definitely made us laugh during his performance and his group’s costuming and rendition of the song Y.M.C.A.

In his spare time, you might find him listening to country music (he especially likes Dierks Bentley), studying (his favorite subject is science and he has a strong interest in forensics), or reading VYPE magazine.   His favorite color is gold… I wonder if he was thinking of gold coins or treasure.   Austin says the person he admires the most is his father, who is a good and honest example that he would like to emulate.

Austin plans to attend Sam Houston State University and major in Criminal Justice.  Although, if he could have any job in the world, he would like to be a game warden.    Good luck, Austin, in these and all of your future endeavors.


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