Seniors 2015

Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Creativity, new ideas, active and non-conforming come to mind when we think about our senior safari photo shoot with Amanda.  Amanda is a senior at Tomball Memorial High School and if she is anything like she was during her photo shoot at school, her teachers will definitely remember her.  She is extremely talented with a hula hoop; making all of her countless tricks seem effortless.  She is self-taught and finds tossing, spinning and balancing the hoop relaxing – she really can do anything you can imagine with the hula hoop – including spin fire!

In addition to the hula hoop, Amanda knows how to throw poi balls and again is simply fascinating to watch.  It’s as if Amanda is connected with these balls as she tosses, connects and completes routines constantly swinging two balls from ropes.  Just when you think you might have Amanda figured out, guess again; she is intelligent, has strong opinions and loves to be “just a girl”.  She is beautiful, edgy, not your average senior and we loved working with her and creating one of a kind images with her.

We hope Amanda pursues her dreams and we hope that we get to watch her grow – look out world; she can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to!


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