Seniors 2015


We haven’t forgotten to blog, we were simply super busy in August photographing seniors before school started and then getting ready for school ourselves… yes, multi-tasking seems to be our daily life!  However, we couldn’t keep Ms. Tamra a secret any longer!

Tamra is a senior at Langham Creek High School and proudly dances with the champion Bailadoras.  Although Tamra is outgoing and used to being in front of the crowds, she was quite jittery about her senior portraits; but just like a natural, she shoot off the nerves and the camera loved her!  Strawberry blond hair, hazel eyes and wonderful skin is all the camera could see – even though it was in the high 90s with 70% humidity on a typical August day in Houston.

We enjoyed Tamra’s senior safari photo shoot.  The entire time, we kept telling her that she looked like a “movie star” and that she is very “regal” – which was all confirmed as soon as we looked at her images back in the studio!  Let’s face it, Tamra simply has that “Je ne sais crois” that everyone wishes for.  Not only is Tamra beautiful on the outside, she has an amazing personality and bright future ahead of her.

We wish her all the best as she continues her senior year and pursues her interest in Texas Tech!


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