Seniors 2015

Erika and Her Gorgeous Eyes

On a nearly perfect day, (ok, it was still hot in Houston) we photographed Erika.  She has been planning this session for many months, especially since her mom surprised her by buying one of our gift baskets to help an organization in our community.  Wow, Erika is like a chameleon and can blend and transform almost instantly from soft and sweet dreamer to attitude that will make you shiver!  She is a Langham Creek Bailadora who loves to dance, watch football, and listen to country music, especially Luke Bryant and Hunter Hayes.  The person Erika admires most in the world is her mother.

Erika says that if she could have her dream occupation, her choice would be a fashion designer. She is definitely creative and talented; she made the beautiful floral headpiece she wore during her photo shoot and she couldn’t have matched her gorgeous eyes any better.  Rumor has it that if she wanted to earn some extra cash, she might be able to make these for friends as we hear she has had several requests!

Beautiful, intelligent, creative and goal oriented definitely describe Erika.  In high school, her favorite subject is math, and she plans to go to UT or Texas A&M and major in Business Law.

We hope your senior year is your best year ever, Erika, and that things fall into place for your future just the way you picture them!


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