Seniors 2015

Griffin the Musician

Our next talented Senior C.R.E.W. member is Griffin Judge from Langham Creek High School, where is heavily involved in the Lobo Band. Griffin is a dedicated musician, so we wanted to emphasize his passion for music during his photo shoot.  His love for music shines through when he is either playing his tenor saxophone, piano, or drums, writing and arranging his own compositions, shopping at music stores and listening to classic rock music.

During the fall, Griffin dedicates his time to the Lobo Marching Band, as a second year drum major. And in the spring, Griffin plays the tenor saxophone and competes at various contests. Griffin’s role model is his band director, Gloria Ramirez.  She is the epitome of all he believes in; hard work, talent, resourcefulness, and leading by example, and he truly admires the diligence and integrity she exhibits.

When Griffin, is not rocking out or composing, he also enjoys playing tennis and watching ‘Big Bang Theory’.

His dream occupation is to be a saxophone player and write or teach music.  We are sure he will excel in whichever field he chooses.

Good Luck Griffin with your senior year and we are so glad to have you on Nounou Photography’s Senior C.R.E.W.!


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