Seniors 2015

Robert, Class of 2015

Robert is a senior this year at Langham Creek High School.  He lettered in tennis, but feels at home on both basketball and tennis courts.    His favorite subject is math and he is especially good at algebra.  He is a member of National Honor Society and Wolf Pack, and has been a member of Student Council for three years.

Robert enjoys hanging out in nature hunting with his shotgun, but loves a good rainy day indoors too,  and you might find him reading a good mystery or action novel  (something along the lines of the Hunger Games series) or listening to classic rock from the 70s.  The group Boston is a particular favorite of his.

He is planning to attend either A&M or UT Austin and major in Mechanical Engineering.  He would like to work in the field of robotics and design things to help people and improve efficiency in the workplace.

Good luck, Robert, in all your endeavors.  May 2015 be a wonderful year for you and your goals.  We look forward to seeing amazing things from you in the future.


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