Seniors 2016

A Music Man

Brian loves music – he can listen to music almost any time of the day; but what he really likes is playing music and getting together with his friends for a “jam session”!  We have known Brian his entire life and have had the awesome pleasure of watching him grown into a fun, caring, young man that has a passion for music and is always willing to help others.

While at Cypress Woods High School, Brian has been a member of the band for four years and he has even represented the band at several contests throughout his high school career.  In addition to the trumpet, Brian plays the drums, the ukulele and guitar.  He actually prefers rainy days and we’re guessing it’s because it allows him more time to have fun with his many instruments and to just chill to some of his favorite music.  If you sit next to Brian long enough, you will notice he is always tapping a tune that only he hears in his head.  Brian admires Luke Holland and thinks he is a wonderful drummer.

In addition to his musical talents, Brian has been a dedicated Boy Scout and last fall earned his Eagle Scout, the highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the BSA.  After receiving some donations in lumber from area hardware stores, and putting some of his own money into the project, Brian built birdhouses that were returned unpainted to the hardware stores for children to complete and take home during their ” in-store camps”.

The University of Houston is where Brian will call home next fall.  He plans to participate in the Cougar Marching Band and is currently majoring in engineering.  We know he will excel at whatever he puts his mind to and we can’t wait to see where the future takes him!


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