Seniors 2016

A True Athlete, Alick

Alick graduates this spring from Seven Lakes High School.  He is an outgoing young man, is approachable and makes friends easily.   He is energetic and active in sports and loves to be outdoors.  He is a receiver on the Spartan football team (look for jersey #6), and is an outfielder (#18) for the baseball team.

Alick is fond of watching sports, especially football, baseball, and basketball.  Some of his favorite players to watch are O’Dell Beckham Jr., wide receiver for the New York Giants, Mike Trout, center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, and LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, basketball players for the Cleveland Cavaliers.   He’s also a fan of the Seattle Seahawks.   Perhaps one day we will see Alick playing for one of his favorite teams.

Alick enjoys listening to music and his favorite genre is “old school” rap and he listens to artists like Lil’ Wayne and Drake.  He also does some drawing in his spare time and likes to draw cartoons and people.

After high school, Alick will attend college and is considering attending LSU or Texas State.  Sports scholarships may play a part in his decision.  He plans on majoring in Business Management or Marketing.

When asked what person he most admires, Alick said he appreciates most his parents and all the support and confidence they have shown in him over the years.   May we also add the wonderful manners and respect for others that he showed us each time we met during his senior portrait sessions.

Alick, we at Nounou Photography have confidence in you too, and hope you have many successes in your future.  Enjoy the remainder of your senior year!


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