Seniors 2016

Alisa, Volunteer Extradordinaire

Alisa would rather be out doing things than be inside in front of a mirror or in a salon having her nails done, but she has lovely eyes, and we believe a natural beauty that glows.  Alisa has an amazing unselfish and kind personality that you can see in her smile.  She is goofy sometimes, laid back most of the time, and she is all about making the world a better place.

Alisa chooses to use much of her spare time volunteering.  She has volunteered at Children’s Memorial Hospital, and feels very honored to be chosen as only nine of every 1,000 applicants are selected.  She worked there nine hours a day for five weeks, serving terminally and chronically ill children, and helping organize and disinfect toys and other items.  She also works with the animal rescue organizations Mutts and Meows and Almost Home.  She has spent many hours at Seven Lakes High School working with students with special needs, reading, singing, and teaching dance steps.  Her favorite class there is Child Development.

When Alisa has a few minutes to spare, you might find her out playing soccer (she coaches four year olds at the YMCA), baking up something yummy in the kitchen, listening to country music (she really likes Keith Urban), or playing with her little dog Raphie (who was a rescue dog).   Raphie joined Alisa on the photo shoot and had his photo taken too – we discovered that Raphie is very fond of sniffing the roses that were in bloom in our portrait park.

When Alisa graduates from Seven Lakes, she will attend Dallas Baptist University, majoring in Elementary Education, with plans for a Master’s degree in Special Education.    We are sure she will be a favorite teacher and inspire many, and we wish for her, that as she serves and spreads joy, happiness will stay with her as well.  We wish you the best Alisa!


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