Seniors 2015

An Athlete, a LCHS Senior – Introducing Trelen

Trelen,a handsome and sociable young man, plays basketball and football for the Langham Creek High School Lobos and has been on the Varsity team for both sports for three years.  His favorite subject is Auto Tech, which he has enjoyed for two years.  That’s a handy skill to have!

Trelen’s shared with us that he admires J. Cole’s hip hop music and really likes how J. Cole expresses himself through music.  One of Trelen’s favorite songs is “Be Free”… great lyrics!   In his spare time, he enjoys watching football and thumbing through a Sports Illustrated magazine.


Trelen is looking forward to playing offense for a college team after he graduates this spring.  He is considering LSU and wants to be a high school football coach and help others play to their best abilities.  Whichever team he chooses, they will be lucky to have this hard working team player, and we know his determination and efforts will take him far on the field and off.  Trelen, we wish you all the best.


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