Seniors 2016

Best Friends and Seniors Too!

Smriti and Harismitha attend Cy Fair High School and have many shared “favorites” – including each other’s friendship!  They chose our Friendship Safari so that we could photograph both of them during the same session and they could each have fun and make each other comfortable.  While they were both a bit shy about senior portraits, I think you will agree, that the camera loved them and they both are naturally beautiful.

We have photographed Smriti for several years with the Cy Fair Orchestra and since she says that she is very resourceful, we think that’s why she was designated to reach out to us and find out all the details.  She loves Biology and Math, and with this combination she should feel very comfortable and achieve her dream of Pharmaceuticals Research.  When she finds time to read outside of school, Smriti enjoys anything about other cultures and the world news.

Harismitha participates in choir and key club.  She enjoys reading, especially on a rainy day, when you might find her curled up with a realistic fantasy book.  Just like her friend Smriti, Harismitha also loves Biology and Science.  She plans on attending UT or Baylor for Pre-Med and then pursue further education leading to a career as a pediatrician.  Harismitha also enjoys running and participates in 5ks.

Nounou Photography enjoyed spending time photographing both Smriti and Harismitha, and we believe they set high goals for themselves and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of them.


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