Seniors 2016

Brady, Senior From Langham Creek High School

At first glance, you might notice Brady is tall, dark and handsome.  But there’s much more to this Mr. Lobo contestant than just a nice smile.

Brady’s preferred sport is baseball, and he pitches for Langham Creek High School, and by the way, look out!  He’s left-handed.   He is also a member of the Wolf Pack, supporting the football team by running flags, cheering with the crowd and keeping spirits high during games.

A member of National Honor Society and publicity officer for Alpha Charity League, Brady is pleasant, reserved, and easy going, in additional be being a loyal friend and a good student.   Although Brady certainly has many activities to fill his days, he does occasionally enjoy a rainy day where he can relax at home and enjoy a favorite TV show or thumbing through a Sports Illustrated magazine.

Brady is college-bound and would like to major in Business.  He loves Stephen F. Austin State University but is also considering other options.  He would like to own and run his own business someday.   Brady, we wish you all the best in your pursuits and a great senior year!


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