Seniors 2016

Brandon, The Power Behind the Pack

Brandon will graduate from Langham Creek High School.  He plays Power Forward for the Lobos Basketball team, and is a member of Wolf Pack, a spirit organization supporting Langham’s sports teams.  The motto of Langham Creek is “The Power of the Pack is the Lobo.  The Power of the Lobo is the Pack”.  Brandon has learned to support and strengthen his team and doing this has made him a strong and resourceful young man.   Most recently, Brandon was awarded the Lobo Award, the highest award given on his high school basketball team from his peers.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys listening to music and he especially chills to TX Country music and Christian Rock.  He is a big fan of the Christian rock band “NEEDTOBREATHE” and after meeting this young man and recognizing his thoughtfulness of others and courtesies, we think we should check out his favorite band.

Brandon really enjoys sports.  He keeps up with the New York Yankees as well as Texas college sports and is always around for a pick-up game of some sort.  Brandon also has quite the sense of humor and that will come in handy, as he plans to be a Sports Broadcaster.  He plans to attend Blinn, a two year college, and then transfer  to Texas A&M, majoring in Communications.


It may not be long before  Brandon is announcing our favorite teams on the radio or TV.   Meanwhile, we are cheering him on in all his pursuits.  Congratulations Brandon!  Go Class of 2016!


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