Families and Children

Chelsea and Ryan

It isn’t often that I get the opportunity to photograph such sweet younger children, but on one very hot day this past summer, I was able to create with two very fun, energetic siblings.  This wonderful session was made possible by my delightful assistant, Kathy, as Chelsea and Ryan are her grandchildren.

Chelsea and Ryan were visiting from out of state and Kathy wanted to take this opportunity to get them photographed.  Usually, Ryan is such a ham and loves the camera, but his nap times were off and we had to work a little hard to get him to have some fun.  Chelsea, on the other hand, loved dressing up as Princess Elsa and truly loved the camera – I am told this is opposite behavior for her as well.  This just goes to show, that with kids, you just have to be flexible and be prepared for anything.

I loved meetings these two jewels.  Chelsea is so caring and is eager to please and Ryan adores his older sister and protects her even as her little brother.

Thanks Mary for sharing your children with me and thank you Kathy for making this all possible.


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