Seniors 2016

Creative and Talented Danna

Delightful Miss Danna came to us with lots of creative ideas for images, and we had a fun time trying new things with her.  We used a full length mirror as well as paintings and colorful creations Danna had made, and even put paint on her for a super fun artistic shot, so her images are truly unique, and her lovely smile lights them up.  Her creativity isn’t limited to the canvas alone.  She is also fond of cosmetology and excels at playing the flute.

Danna is a true leader and cares about others.  She serves as a drum major for the Cypress Lakes High Spartan Band.  Danna interacts with and understands other people intuitively.  When Danna makes a friend, it’s for life and she stands by her friends through thick and thin.

Danna wants to go into Social Psychology and Behavior Analysis.  Danna has lots of options for her college destination, and she is considering Texas Tech, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Texas State.

One of Danna’s paintings says, “I am infinite”.  Her possibilities are boundless, and her potential is endless.  Whatever path she chooses and whatever she sets her mind to, we know Danna will continue to achieve wonderful things.  Good Luck Danna, and enjoy your senior year!


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