Seniors 2016

Dalton, Future Film Maker

A senior from Langham Creek HS, Dalton, was referred to us from a previous client.  While Dalton enjoys working with his own camera and making videos, like most “photographers”, he doesn’t necessarily like being in front of the camera, at least not a “still-camera”, however, Dalton really enjoys making his own videos or Vlogs!  Dalton had many of his own ideas – again not surprising, especially given that his mom is an artist and he enjoys his camera – and we welcomed his ideas and creativity.

Over the last couple of months, Dalton has started a “daily life video” and since his senior portraits were part of his day, he shows a portion of his session in his Vlog!  Also another cool thing, Dalton loves Star Wars and the tag line on the back of his letterman is “Force Be With You” which Teresa quickly picked up on and recognized that we were photographing his senior portraits on May 4th!  We think Dalton has some ideas to share with the world and just enjoys life – since he’s capturing it daily with his video camera, he will have many memories to reminisce about later in life.

When searching for universities, Dalton was impressed by the hospitality he was shown from the start at the University of Tennessee.  He and his family liked the feel of the campus and the city of Knoxville combined with the beautiful campus, won them over.



We wish you all the best Dalton at the University of Tennessee – Go Volunteers!


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