Seniors 2016

Daniel: Music, Computers and Magic

Daniel’s earned his Eagle Scout award (one of the highest honors awarded in the Boy Scouts of America) earlier than most and we were able to previously photograph him with his brother, Brad and father Tom, in their BSA uniforms together.  While this award isn’t necessarily part of Daniel’s senior year accomplishments, we wanted to mention it because we believe that by participating in Scouting, Daniel has developed many skills, including leadership, one of his best qualities, loyalty to family and friends, and a strong work ethic he says is also exemplified by his mother and father.

Daniel is musical.  He plays the trumpet in Langham Creek High School’s Symphonic Band, and has served two years as section leader.  He likes listening to Classic Rock from different decades.  He has also played in Region Band, which requires a difficult audition with a lot of competition, and additional performance and practice time.

Computer Science classes are Daniel’s favorite classes in school, and he also prefers computer forums to books and magazines.   An exceptional student, Daniel is a member of National Honor Society and secretary of the computer science club.  Even his spare time activity of choice requires plenty of concentration, organization and brain power.  He plays “Magic: The Gathering”, a complicated card game containing many memorized rules and multiple decks of cards with categories such as creatures, lands, enchantments, sorceries and the like.  We saw how many cards were involved and are impressed that Daniel can keep all that straight.

Daniel is looking forward to graduating this year and plans to attend Texas A&M University and major in Computer Science and Engineering.   Daniel’s continued diligent effort combined with complex thinking skills and leadership abilities will take him far and we wish him success in college and the best of everything.


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