Seniors 2016

Humor is Second Nature for Reed

Reed is a senior from Cypress Ranch High School and in less than two weeks he will be walking across the stage to receive his diploma!   We are sure that if the opportunity exists, Reed will have something witty to say to someone on stage, as he kept us laughing and on our toes the entire photo shoot.  Reed is the youngest of six children, but his siblings are all girls so we think his humor has become a survival technique to cope with so many women in his life!

A senior safari session is what took Reed to some nearby fields to photograph his truck and his gun.  Although his truck is quite easy to see, you might have to look a little closer for the gun with all the camouflage.  This summer Reed is looking forward to a true safari to Africa with his dad which is sure to be a trip of a lifetime and will give Reed and his dad some extra special memories together.  We believe this is wonderful especially since Reed admires his dad’s success and plans to major in Petroleum Engineering and perhaps follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Reed, all of us at Nounou Photogoraphy thank you for the laughs and for your creative ideas.  We wish you all the best as you pursue your dream career at Texas A&M University in College Station!


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