Seniors 2016

Jared, Future Teacher

Jared attends Cypress Lakes high school and has played trumpet in the Spartan band for four years.  He really appreciates classical music and enjoys listening to it when studying or just hanging out.  For the 2015 Winter Band Concert, Jared recently dressed in a Grinch costume and stole the show by swiping not only the gifts from under the tree on stage, but the band director’s baton as well.

Jared works at an area Kroger’s floral department so if you need just the right flowers for a special occasion, he’s your man.  Something Jared really likes about his job is interacting with and helping customers.  He is a very friendly and pleasant young man.

One of Jared’s best qualities is his ability to take things in stride.  He is very laid back and relaxed and has a lot of patience.  He plans to go attend college and pursue a teaching degree and those character traits will definitely come in handy.

Jared, we at Nounou Photography think you will be an amazing teacher and wish you all the best achieving your educational and other goals.   Enjoy the rest of your senior year!


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