Seniors 2016

Jessica, She Did It!

We say it quite often, but “time really flies”, at least when you look at time as we do photographing high school seniors – every year and everyone is unique!  We photographed Jessica when she graduated high school and she was bubbly and excited, just waiting for her next adventure to begin at the University of Oklahoma.  Through social media we have seen Jessica rush sorority – and make it; celebrate numerous firsts, lasts and simply just having fun with friends.  She remains excited and still has a twinkle in eye for her next adventure!

Nounou Photography was blessed to once again photograph Jessica, this time as a destination photo shoot on the beautiful campus of Oklahoma University, located in Norman, Oklahoma.  Jessica graduated with a BA in Science, with an emphasis in elementary education.  She was a student teacher this spring semester and she has accepted full-time employment with an elementary school not far from Norman to begin teaching next school year.

We had such a blast photographing Jessica and reminiscing about some of her favorite places on campus.  Jessica, you are going to be fantastic as a teacher and on those really tough days (you’ll have them) , think about your favorite elementary teacher and know that you have the power to influence the children placed in front of you for a lifetime, and then smile!  Congratulations Miss Jansen – good things are still to come…


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