Seniors 2016

Linda, Hardworking and Honest

The word “entitled” gets tossed around often these days for the Millennial Generation, however, Linda doesn’t fit this description.   From the first time we met Linda, we knew she is determined and is hard-working.  She pretty much pays for her extra activities and fun, including most recently Prom activities and her senior portraits!

As a member of Pals and a senior from Cypress Lakes HS, Class of 2016, Linda represents what many of us might think has vanished.  She enjoys spending time and encouraging younger children with Pals, she danced for the high school drill team for three years and has played defense for the high school girls soccer team for four years.  Although we aren’t sure where she finds the time, she works at Randall’s so that she can afford the things that are important to her and she still has an upbeat personality and a beautiful smile.

Linda loves to cook and she especially likes to make dishes with fish.  She finds her delicious recipes and inspiration in cooking magazines which she reads for enjoyment.  In the future, Linda hopes to be a bilingual teacher at an elementary school and she plans to start this path at the University of Houston , Clear Lake in the fall.

We know your parents must be super proud of you Linda and we at Nounou Photography love your work ethic and honesty.  Stay strong and we wish you nothing but the best!


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