Seniors 2017

Marlee Dreams of Being in the Spotlight

Although we’ve known Marlee for several years, we had lost touch with her and we are so excited she connected with us for her Senior Portraits!  She is very comfortable in front of the camera and this is probably a direct result of her comfort on stage and with live performances in theater.  Marlee attends Cypress Falls High School and recently returned from a trip to New York, where she was able to see firsthand several Broadway plays.

Magic happens when you get more than one creative, imaginative mind together and during Marlee’s session, she was open to trying a few of our props and “trying out different hats… ummm personalities” actually.  This black and white image of Marlee reminds us of something one of Hollywood’s greatest would have created perhaps in the 1940s, made complete with the vintage fur boa.

It’s no surprise that since Marlee loves theater so much, one of her favorite TV shows is Project Runway.  This helps get her creative juices flowing when it comes to fashion and she can probably visualize herself in various costumes.  In addition to theater, Marlee loves to dance and has also been a member of the Cypress Falls Sky Dancer Drill Team for three years.

Marlee admires Angelina Jolie not only for her talent, but also because she is a caring and giving person. We hope that Marlee achieves her dreams and is indeed one day “in the spotlight” and we can say “we knew her when…” as she makes her mark on the world!


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