Seniors 2015

Multi-Instrumentalist and Future Engineer

Austin reminds me of rock… he doesn’t bring attention to himself so you might just pass him by on a leisurely walk, but if you do get to know him, you will discover quickly the gem inside!  With his different interests and talents, it’s not surprising that Austin likes both rainy and sunny days.  He says that on rainy days, he can hang out and if he’s around others he can “feel closer to them” vs on a sunny day, he just enjoys being outside.

As a member of the LCHS band, Austin is a percussionist, but his musical talent extends to string instruments and the keyboard too!  He enjoys his ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar and played the tenors during marching band season.  Furthermore, Austin is now performing with the second band he helped to form and we were privileged to see his band perform during the Mr. Lobo contest held annually to raise money for project prom.

When Austin is outside, he enjoys running.  He especially likes distance running and has a goal to run a full marathon since he has already accomplished the half marathon.  You might also find him playing a game of ultimate Frisbee with his friends.

With all of this activity, Austin still finds time to study and stay close to God.  He hopes to attend the University of Texas in Austin and major in mechanical engineering!  Hook-em Horns  m/


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