Seniors 2017

Naturally Beautiful, That’s Aurora!

Sometimes it takes someone other than your parents to tell you that you’re beautiful… “aurora” means a natural light display in the sky;  most of us will not experience the “northern lights” or an aurora, but Nounou Photography had the privilege of seeing a glimmer of this senior’s natural light and beauty and we think she couldn’t have been more appropriately named – introducing Miss Aurora!

Aurora is a senior at Cypress Lakes High School.  She plays the flute and has been a band member since junior high school.  She is a little shy but always willing to lend a hand if asked.  We have known Aurora for several years and we photographed her older brother’s senior portraits too – other than being in band, these two siblings are quite different, yet we loved creating with both of them.

Art and literature are a couple of things that Aurora loves.  She enjoys English a lot and we are sure this will serve her well in college.  Aurora admires her parents because they are strong, even in the tough times, and she has learned through volunteering that she receives great pleasure and has a higher self-esteem as a result of helping others.

Nounou Photography wishes Aurora all the best and a super fantastic senior year of high school!


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