Seniors 2015

Running Right Through His Senior Year, Here’s Ames!

Ames graduates from Cypress Falls HS, where he stays very involved.  He loves to run with the high school Cross Country team, but frankly, he just likes to run!  Ames also participates in the PALS program which allows him to mentor students at nearby elementary schools.  While math frightens many people, Ames prefers math, especially Calculus.

If you spend any time with Ames, he will probably end up making you laugh.  He has a joke for pretty much any occasion and would someday like to perform as a stand-up comic.  He claims to get his sense of humor from his father, which is great since his Dad is the person he admires the most.

When Ames happens to have some free time, you might find him listening to classic rock  i.e. Aerosmith and Queen.  During football season, Ames enjoys watching the Bears or the Texans play and I’m sure he and his dad have plenty of things to add to the commentary.  Additionally, Ames enjoys reading, especially a science fiction book, or playing video games, such as, Kingdom Hearts which is a favorite.

Ames plans to attend Texas A&M and is interested in Petrochemical Engineering.   Best wishes from Nounou Photography for lots of happy days in the future and success in all you pursue.


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