Seniors 2016

She’s Got Talent!

Peyton is the youngest of three and we were blessed to have also photographed her two older brothers.  She excels in pretty much anything dealing with music.  Petyon plays the piano and keyboard, sings in the choir and really enjoys listening to various types of music; and her current favorite is Pentatonix, a two-time Grammy winning American a cappella group . As if music wasn’t enough for her to unleash her creativity, she also shares a passion for art and photography!

She has a fantastic sense of humor and an admirable moral compass.  Both of these characteristics should serve her well as she pursues her dream to become a choir teacher.  Next year Peyton plans to enroll in Lonestar and then has her eyes set on Texas State.

We know that with Peyton’s love for singing and her participation in both the Chamber and Choral choirs she is well on her way to accomplishing her dreams!  We at Nounou Photography hope that she not only catches her own dream, but that as a teacher is able to influence other young talented individuals also.


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