Seniors 2016

Sights set on Agribusiness

What a gentleman is what we first thought of when meeting Nick!  No wonder Maddie will be happy to escort him to Prom and also referred him to Nounou Photography for his senior portraits.

Nick has been a member of Langham Creek High School’s FFA for two years.  Both years, Nick chose to raise a goat, and although one might call it “beginners luck”, Nick placed Third Overall with his goat “Martin” his first year.  This year’s goat, “Beaux-cephus”, had some digestive issues which of course taught Nick many other lessons, but he still had good times with this year’s goat.

While photographing Nick, we listened to Classic Country and talked about recording artists like George Straight, especially when Nick brought out his own black cowboy hat!  In the words of his grandma, “a black hat is good for at least two things – women and money “- we love her way of thinking and we can see where Nick gets some of his humor!

Next fall, Nick plans to attend Texas A&M  University – Kingsville, the Home of the Javelina Pride.  Nick has his eyes set on Agribusiness so studying near the legendary King Ranch seems like the perfect fit for his future career goals.


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