Seniors 2016

Summer and Water and…

Talk about someone who is easy going, can talk to anyone and just generally seems to enjoy life – this is how we would describe Preston.  He is a senior from Langham Creek High School for the Class of 2016.  Preston enjoys football and basketball and has been one of the Offensive Lineman for his high school football team.  Now that the weather is warm in Texas, you might find Preston at the pool!  He might be the life guard on duty so always follow the rules…  Another job that Preston enjoys is working at the Bear Creek golf course, although thanks to all the flooding our area has recently experienced, this job is sort of under water for a month or longer.

He figured out pretty quickly that his photo shoot with Nounou Photography wasn’t going to be dull and boring and he left having a good time and with a bigger smile on his face.  Preston likes all kinds of music – he says he goes with his mood or whatever is on the radio.   He likes to stay busy and he is very much a “people person”.

Although Preston isn’t playing football for his college team, he does plan to play intramurals and still have a good time with friends.  He is super happy to be accepted to Blinn and plans to transfer into A&M and to major in Sports Management.   Preston, we at Nounou Photography congratulate you on your achievements so far and wish you all the best!  Gig-em!


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