Seniors 2016

Sweet Sarah’s Smiles

We learned quickly that two of the things Sarah is best at are listening and following directions.  She  is a little shy, but she heeded every posing suggestion and instruction without hesitation to the best of her ability.   If all teenagers were as obedient and accurate when given instructions as Sarah,  there would be some really ecstatic parents, teachers, and employers of teens.    Sarah is a happy girl, with sensitive feelings and loves her mom to the ends of the earth – yes we believe the feeling is mutual!  She is a happy girl and we loved to see her enthusiastic smile and positive attitude.

Sarah attends Seven Lakes High School, where she takes part in the Super Seniors program.  In her classes she has learned computers, filing, cooking, and her favorite, floral design.  Sarah likes attending  football, volleyball, and other school sporting events when she is given the opportunity.  She participates in Special Buddies, allowing her to attend high school games and school events with friends.

Sarah likes country music.  She is a big fan of Taylor Swift and would like to meet her someday.  When Sarah is at home she likes to prepare dinner and she really loves to make pasta.    One of her favorite things to do on a not so busy day is to just sleep in.  We like that too, Sarah – especially on the rainy days we’ve been having lately!

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Sarah, and we hope your life will continue to be full of smiles and all of your favorite things!


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