Seniors 2016

The Eyes Have it! Here’s Rebecca!

Rebecca is a senior and the Cheerleading captain at Cypress Woods High School.  She likes to sing in the Mixed Choir as well.  Her preferred music genre is Pop; but she also loves to listen to Beyonce’.

Something really fascinating and different about Rebecca is that her gorgeous eyes are each a different color and depending on the light this is more noticeable at certain times.  The two eyes are a mixture of blue, some green, and even a little brown.   If you look closely at her photos you will see it too.

Rebecca enjoys reading, especially the Bible, and she works as a Christian Camp Counselor at Camp  Cho-Yeh near Livingston.   The people she admires most in the world are her parents, and she is grateful for her parents’ example of  unconditional love, hard work and independence that she tries hard to incorporate into her own life.

Rebecca will attend Stephen F. Austin University.  It is her goal to become an orthodontist and create beautiful smiles.  We think that’s a fabulous ambition, because we at Nounou Photography love capturing happy smiles.   Maybe yours will be next!  Good luck, Rebecca, and we wish you all the best in your studies and ambitions.  Go Class of 2016!


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