Seniors 2016

Track Star Tyra

We travelled out to Cypress Woods High School for Tyra’s Senior Safari and it was bright and sunny just like her smile.  Tyra likes sunny days for running .  She doesn’t sit still much and prefers to be out doing things.  She runs track and plays basketball for her school and that and studying keeps her figure trim and her days busy.

Tyra is outgoing, friendly and funny.  She likes to listen to Hip Hop and R&B music and is a big fan of Chris Brown.

Tyra’s favorite subject is science and after graduation she plans to go off to college and become a nurse.  We are sure she will be an amazing one and take wonderful care of those under her watch.

Tyra, remember that Emil Zatopek said, “A runner must run with dreams in his heart.”  Dare to dream big, and then work to make your dreams come true.

We at Nounou Photography wish you all the best with your future plans and dreams and hope the rest of your senior year is super fun!


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