Seniors 2016

Unwritten Melody

We photographed Miss Melody on a lovely sunny day with a bright blue sky, but this little 5’1” sweetheart outshone both with her beauty, sweetness and charm.  She appears shy at first but when she begins talking she is warm, confident and self-assured.  We think she gets this from her mom!

Melody is a dancer for the Bailadora drill team at Langham Creek High School.  One of her long-term goals is to be a nurse practitioner.  She currently volunteers and shadows in local hospitals, nursing homes and hospice.  After she graduates this spring she hopes to attend either Mary Hardin Baylor or Texas State University.

She loves to spend time with her family, especially her mother and older sister.  She and her sister are very good friends.   Melody is bilingual and likes visiting extended family in Mexico as often as she can, but she is also a Texas girl at heart, and loves her cowboy boots and country music.

Melody’s future story is unwritten still but if it’s anything like what she has already underway, it will be a wonderful tale full of caring, music, hard work and friendship.

Have a wonderful senior year, Melody!


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