Seniors 2016

Will, Future Expert in International Finance

We met Will while photographing the Langham Creek High School Mr. Lobo Contestants, our annual contribution to the LCHS project prom fundraiser.  Will is a flexible, laid back, handsome young man; he often pauses to push back his hair from his forehead with a laugh.  He smiles often and naturally.

Will plays soccer himself, and likes watching international soccer.  He is a big fan of Dortmund (a German sports club).  He also likes watching basketball , especially the Houston Rockets.

In his spare time, Will likes to hang out with friends and cruise with his car windows down while listening to rap music.  Two of Will’s favorite recording artists are hip hop “Chance the Rapper”, and “Logic”, a rapper/songwriter from Maryland.   He also likes reading, both fiction and autobiography.

Will is eager to attend Texas Christian University and has already mastered the horned frog sign, thanks to his older siblings also attending TCU!  Will’s favorite subject is Math, and he excels at both Statistics and Calculus.  He plans to major in International Business and since he speaks Spanish we think this will be a great career for him.

We at Nounou Photography hope Will’s hard work and efforts  add up to your desired results in the future.  Go Class of 2016!


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