Seniors 2017

Aspiring to Fly

Finally 2017 has arrived and this year’s class of seniors can officially begin their countdown!  We are starting our year off by introducing Cesar, a current senior from Cypress Lakes High School.  Cesar is a dedicated member of the Cypress Lakes HS band where he plays the Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet. 

Cesar’s favorite subject in school is math, especially geometry.  This love for math will surely serve him well with his future career goals of becoming an Aerospace Engineer!  Cesar hopes to attend Texas A&M or the University of Houston and major in Aeronautics and Aviation. 

For fun, Cesar currently likes to speed along on his skateboard and watch Formula 1 Racing.  In the summer, Cesar volunteers at his church during vacation Bible school and helps with elementary aged children.  He is also a member of Boy Scouts and regularly volunteers at the TWRC, animal rescue.


We at Nounou Photography wish Cesar all the best and we know that when given the opportunity to make a difference, he definitely will exceed your expectations!


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