Seniors 2017

Elly, always has a song in her heart!

This isn’t the first time we have photographed someone in her family, but it is the first senior session and we were so excited to get to know Elly.  As a senior from Stratford High School, Ellly participates in two theater and one choir class.  Hopefully, one day Elly can use her love for music and “eye for the stage” to act or direct plays, maybe even work behind the scenes. 

Elly is originally from Chicago so she was super excited to watch her beloved Cubs win the World Series this year.  Her entire family cheered loudly from Houston… perhaps they will provide the same luck as they now continue to cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks (that’s a hockey team for all of us that don’t follow hockey in the south). 

If you know Elly, you would say she is a planner and a goal setter.  She also has a great work ethic and she is hoping to continue her education at the University of Houston or Texas State.  She always strives to see the good in others “just like her mom”.


Elly, we wish you all the best!  We are sure you will succeed given your talents and drive and it will be exciting to see where your future leads!


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