Seniors 2017

Introducing Alex – Brains and Beauty!

Meet Alex, a natural beauty with big blue eyes and clear fair skin.   Her name is Alexandra, but she much prefers Alex.  We had the privilege of photographing her two older sisters as well, and each sister has her own individual style.  Alex prefers dresses over jeans or pants, and looks wonderful in blue – this color makes her eyes “pop”!  When Alex is amused sometimes she can’t stop giggling and she will have to wait for the laughing spell to abate before she can finally catch her breath – we discovered this a couple of times during the photo shoot – Alex you are super cute!  She likes country music best, and absolutely loves Ed Sheeran and we discovered that while she likes the country, she doesn’t like chickens and roosters!

Alex is active in her church.  She teaches Sunday School and volunteers often.  She will graduate from Cypress Lakes High School this spring and plans to study at UT Dallas majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in math.  In the future, she hopes to have an internship with NASA.

Alex Blog Board

Alex, we wish you much success in your further studies and career.  We had so much fun (and adventure too) photographing your senior pictures and preserving this moment in time for you.  Go Class of 2017!


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