Seniors 2017

Athletic, Studious and Popular – Here’s Nick!

Nick hails from Magnolia West high school, where he is the Varsity Swim Captain.  For as long as Nick can remember, he has been swimming – he started at the age of four for his subdivision’s summer swim team.  Most recently, Nick was part of the 200 medley relay and the 200 free relay that advanced to region from his high school and just missed a chance to compete at the state level by one place.   In addition to Nick’s athleticism, he is also very smart and is a member of the National Honor Society and serves on Student Council.

Nick enjoys being around animals and has grown up with many, but his favorite one is his dog Jet.  Jet is a special breed, a Greater Swiss Mountain dog or “Swissy”, and he is 6 years old and adores Nick.  Jet has quite a lot of energy, and his size can intimidate you, but he truly is the sweetest!

In Nick’s spare time, you might find him listening to rap music (Kanye West is a favorite), watching James Harden play basketball for the Houston Rockets, playing video games, or hopping into his Jeep to go hang out with friends.


We have known Nick since he was born, and in fact it’s because his mom, Kindra, and Teresa were both pregnant at the same time that a wonderful friendship started between the two moms.  Of course Nick was fun to photograph and has a charming smile albeit he admitted he “was only doing all of this for his mom”!   We secretly know he had a good time and he was even able to visit briefly with his old friend Laith.

While blue is Nick’s favorite color and he looks great wearing all shades of it, he might be adding a little maroon to his wardrobe since he will be attending Texas A&M University, studying Electrical Engineering.   Nick, we at Nounou Photography wish you the best of everything now and in the future as you achieve your goals.


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