Seniors 2017

He does it his way – here’s Laith!

Our last senior for the class of 2017 – but certainly the most important to us, is our youngest, Laith.  Of course this is when I wish one of my “word smith” friends would write the blog, because as a mom, I have so much to say!

Laith is graduating from Cypress Lakes High School and will walk across the stage today!  We are thrilled for him, truly, we are super excited for all that he has accomplished but mostly for the incredible future that awaits him.  In high school, Laith was part of band and played the French horn, he was also a member of Pals.  In his spare time he mostly enjoys playing video games or volleyball and basketball with his friends.

If there is one word to describe Laith, I would say it is loyal!  He is a true friend and unselfishly puts their interests above his – this could be why he has had the same group of friends since 6th grade!  When Laith sets his mind to something there is nothing that can get in his way.  He is dedicated to his physical training and likes his “alone time” when he enjoys listening to music or playing his guitar.  In our family he is the “dog whisperer” because when he is around, our three dogs are totally devoted to him and want only his attention!

Laith Blog Board

Laith will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station and will be a member of the Airforce Corps of Cadets.  He eventually plans to join the air force in special operations.  Laith, your parents and Nounou Photography wish you all the best!  The future is yours to mold…


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