About the Artist

I am a wife. A mother. A photographer. An artist.

I like seeing things from different angles, different perspectives, and then capturing them. I like creating things that make people smile. And laugh. And sometimes cry.

Photography awards and memberships? Yeah, I’ve got them. In 2007, I was honored by the Texas Professional Photographers Association with an award for Best Portrait of a Group for my work titled “Three Heartbeats”. I am also proud recipient of Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellow Award. In addition, I have trained with the prestigious Texas School of Photography, and I regularly volunteer at state and national photographer conventions to stay abreast of the latest trends in photography, framing, and artistic applications.

But enough about that! On to the fun stuff…

I like pizza and a cold drink on Friday nights. I like traveling and hiking. I enjoy geocaching because the pirate in me loves a good treasure hunt. I love hanging out with friends, playing games and laughing. My favorite actress is Julia Roberts, and I enjoy romantic comedies more than any other kind of movie. I like my iPad and especially the Kindle app,, though I rarely have time to use it…Mostly I just download titles for the fun of it and hope that I get to them someday. I love learning about other cultures and religions. I speak French. Oui! I do.

I believe everyone has a story to tell – sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes we’re just not sure, but I believe that everyone has a unique personality and expression just waiting to be captured. Each creation is a team effort! By working together, the images I capture of you, your family, and your pets represent a moment in time that when displayed in your home become treasured pieces of art that truly reflect your personality.

Call me, let’s talk… I can help record tomorrow’s memories today.