Future Fashion Designer, Kieaira

Kieaira is a senior attending Cypress Lakes High School.  She loves to watch NFL, but she isn’t a Texans fan, she’s a true Pittsburgh Steelers fan!  She is very outgoing and always happy which we can attest to during her photo shoot we had a great time and we definitely love her smile.

She looks up to her mom and even says she’s “Super Woman” because she has a lot of responsibilities but is always there for her and somehow manages to balance work and home life.  This might be one reason why Kieaira is using her creativity and passion to one day become a fashion designer, but she doesn’t plan to stop there.  Kieaira also plans to own her own retail store, which will of course carry her designer clothing and since she isn’t just creative but has good business sense, she also plans to get a degree in accounting.

one image girly

Kieaira looks for inspiration in an app called Apple Vogue and hopes to one day have her designs featured in a fashion show like she sees in this app.  We at Nounou Photography wish Kieaira all the best and we are quite sure she is determined to make her dreams come true!


Mary, Miss Independent

Returning clients are a blessing regardless of your business, but for photographers I think it’s especially wonderful because we have another opportunity to catch up with friends that we get to briefly know and create more memories for them!  This is the second time we have photographed Mary and we also photographed her older sister.

Mary is a senior at Stratford High School and is a member of the drill team.  She has danced since she was a toddler and continues to love it.  Her drill team went to New York over Thanksgiving and participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Mary was even briefly shown on TV!

Mary is very outgoing and relies on her own judgment – for most things she is quite independent.  She likes rainy days because they give her a chance to stay home and “be lazy” and maybe catch up on a TV show or simply listen to some music that suits her mood.

Mary Blog Board

After graduation, Mary plans to take class at HCC and eventually hopes to take Meteorology at Texas A&M.  She would love to be on the news one day in the future or possibly work at NASA.  We wish you all the best Mary and hope that your dreams become reality!

Seniors 2017

He does it his way – here’s Laith!

Our last senior for the class of 2017 – but certainly the most important to us, is our youngest, Laith.  Of course this is when I wish one of my “word smith” friends would write the blog, because as a mom, I have so much to say!

Laith is graduating from Cypress Lakes High School and will walk across the stage today!  We are thrilled for him, truly, we are super excited for all that he has accomplished but mostly for the incredible future that awaits him.  In high school, Laith was part of band and played the French horn, he was also a member of Pals.  In his spare time he mostly enjoys playing video games or volleyball and basketball with his friends.

If there is one word to describe Laith, I would say it is loyal!  He is a true friend and unselfishly puts their interests above his – this could be why he has had the same group of friends since 6th grade!  When Laith sets his mind to something there is nothing that can get in his way.  He is dedicated to his physical training and likes his “alone time” when he enjoys listening to music or playing his guitar.  In our family he is the “dog whisperer” because when he is around, our three dogs are totally devoted to him and want only his attention!

Laith Blog Board

Laith will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station and will be a member of the Airforce Corps of Cadets.  He eventually plans to join the air force in special operations.  Laith, your parents and Nounou Photography wish you all the best!  The future is yours to mold…

Seniors 2017

Athletic, Studious and Popular – Here’s Nick!

Nick hails from Magnolia West high school, where he is the Varsity Swim Captain.  For as long as Nick can remember, he has been swimming – he started at the age of four for his subdivision’s summer swim team.  Most recently, Nick was part of the 200 medley relay and the 200 free relay that advanced to region from his high school and just missed a chance to compete at the state level by one place.   In addition to Nick’s athleticism, he is also very smart and is a member of the National Honor Society and serves on Student Council.

Nick enjoys being around animals and has grown up with many, but his favorite one is his dog Jet.  Jet is a special breed, a Greater Swiss Mountain dog or “Swissy”, and he is 6 years old and adores Nick.  Jet has quite a lot of energy, and his size can intimidate you, but he truly is the sweetest!

In Nick’s spare time, you might find him listening to rap music (Kanye West is a favorite), watching James Harden play basketball for the Houston Rockets, playing video games, or hopping into his Jeep to go hang out with friends.


We have known Nick since he was born, and in fact it’s because his mom, Kindra, and Teresa were both pregnant at the same time that a wonderful friendship started between the two moms.  Of course Nick was fun to photograph and has a charming smile albeit he admitted he “was only doing all of this for his mom”!   We secretly know he had a good time and he was even able to visit briefly with his old friend Laith.

While blue is Nick’s favorite color and he looks great wearing all shades of it, he might be adding a little maroon to his wardrobe since he will be attending Texas A&M University, studying Electrical Engineering.   Nick, we at Nounou Photography wish you the best of everything now and in the future as you achieve your goals.

Seniors 2017

Introducing Alex – Brains and Beauty!

Meet Alex, a natural beauty with big blue eyes and clear fair skin.   Her name is Alexandra, but she much prefers Alex.  We had the privilege of photographing her two older sisters as well, and each sister has her own individual style.  Alex prefers dresses over jeans or pants, and looks wonderful in blue – this color makes her eyes “pop”!  When Alex is amused sometimes she can’t stop giggling and she will have to wait for the laughing spell to abate before she can finally catch her breath – we discovered this a couple of times during the photo shoot – Alex you are super cute!  She likes country music best, and absolutely loves Ed Sheeran and we discovered that while she likes the country, she doesn’t like chickens and roosters!

Alex is active in her church.  She teaches Sunday School and volunteers often.  She will graduate from Cypress Lakes High School this spring and plans to study at UT Dallas majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in math.  In the future, she hopes to have an internship with NASA.

Alex Blog Board

Alex, we wish you much success in your further studies and career.  We had so much fun (and adventure too) photographing your senior pictures and preserving this moment in time for you.  Go Class of 2017!

Seniors 2017

Hunter lives up to his name!

Hunter Daniels likes the dark sky of a rainy day, classic rock, watching baseball, and stories of war heroes.   He is a senior at Langham Creek High school, where he plays tuba in the band.  He serves as tuba section leader and he is one tenacious young man!  For three years Hunter was a member of the LCHS marching band and was in a wheelchair due to a brace on his leg from multiple baseball injuries to his ACLs.

As a member of the Technology Student Association, Hunter placed first in a TSA state competition for recycling old school lockers into a game console.  He even welded one of his favorite video games, Call of Duty, symbols onto the game console he created to decorate it.

Hunter is a very patriotic guy and his favorite subject in school is American History.  He really admires is Audie Murphy, the most decorated American combat soldier of World War II, who received every military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army, as well as French and Belgian, heroism awards.  Hunter currently does physical training with the Army and the Marines several nights a week.

Hunter senior portraits

Teresa has known Hunter and his family since elementary school and it has been fun to watch him grow into such a mature, polite, young adult!  Long gone are the days of both families sitting on the sidelines watching the kids play baseball… hello to the new journey they will embark upon soon.

Future plans for Hunter include training to be an explosive ordnance disposal expert (Bomb Squad) in the Army, which will require a lot of tactical and technical training.   This group performs some of the most harrowing, dangerous work in order to keep others from harm’s way.  We are sure he will save many lives.   Hunter, we wish you all the best.


Meet the lovely Raquel!

Just look at that beautiful smile!   Sweet, gregarious, hardworking and devoted to her studies, Raquel graduates from Cypress Lakes High School this spring.  She is a member of National Honor Society, HOSA and Key Club, and her favorite subject is science.  Her love of science has provided an opportunity to attend Baylor University and study to be a neurosurgeon.

One of Raquel’s favorite scriptures is Matthew 19:26, in which Jesus says, “With God all things are possible”.  We believe Raquel has so much potential and that God will help her make her possibilities into realities.

Raquel Blog Board

Raquel, we at Nounou Photography wish you much growth and success in your life and study of medicine!