Seniors 2017

Langham Creek HS Senior, Jade

Nounou Photography met Jade several years ago thanks to our partnership with Copper Creek Orthodontics when she was offered a Quick Takes session after her treatment.  We photographed her with her ballet shoes and learned that while she loves to dance, she is also shy at first and needed some extra help to relax.

Jade loves everything about dance.  Of course she loves to dance herself and even escape into the music while performing, but she also enjoys watching aquatic dance and even a popular TV show, Dance Moms.  She admires her dance teacher, Miss Jamie because she has a great personality, is a positive teacher, very creative and loves to dance and share her passion with others.

Photography is also something that inspires Jade.  She loves to be creative with her camera and is currently taking a photography class for the first time this year.  Who knows, perhaps she might one day become an animal photographer which would fit in well for her future goal to become a zoologist!

Jade blog board

We wish Jade much success and we hope she continues to love art and to dance through life!  To meet her career goals, Jade plans to attend Lonestar College for her basic courses and then transfer to A&M Corpus Christi to finish her degree in Zoology.

Seniors 2017

A multi-talented Musician, Danny

What a fun time we had photographing Danny, a current senior at Cypress Lakes HS.   Although since Danny’s mom, Kathy has been my assistant for several years, Danny did have some insight into my craziness and he kept me on my toes – sometimes literally because he is quite tall!

As a four year band member to the Cypress Lakes HS band, Danny has played several percussion instruments, including the marimba, snare, cymbals, etc., and has also participated in the Drumline and traveled to many in state competitions.  In addition to loving to “bang on things” – his mom’s words (he apparently figured out that window blinds can be a fun thing to create “music” at an early age), Danny also plays the piano and really enjoys playing the Ukulele.   He is self taught on the Ukulele and when he plays it, it reminds him of his trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago.

Danny is also a member of the Cypress Lakes Varsity swim team and he plans to be a lifeguard this summer.  In what little spare time remains for Danny, he enjoys reading and is currently working to complete his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout project .

Danny blog

After graduation, Danny plans to attend a year of college and then begin his two year mission.  We are sure that whatever the future holds for Danny, he will spread his wit and humor to everyone he encounters – and he might even teach them to keep a steady beat!

Seniors 2017

A Musician with a voice, Introducing Jared

At Nounou Photography we are always amazed at the amount of talent that today’s high school seniors possess, and Jared, a senior from Langham Creek HS is no exception.  Jared “marches to his own beat” and isn’t as easy to read as some of the books that he also enjoys.  He is definitely a young man with many talents and a variety of interests.

As a member of band, Jared represents percussion and has played both the marimba and keyboard instruments.  Additionally, Jared is a member of LCHS Choir and he really enjoys singing bass.  This past fall, the choir was invited to perform with the Houston Symphony in “A Magic Carpet Ride, music from Aladdin” during one of the symphony’s family series concerts.  Along with his love for the arts, Jared is also a member of the S.P.A.R.K.’s Club (Special People Assisting Remarkable Kids), NHS, NEHS and Rho Kappa, so he’s willing to help others and he’s very smart!

Jared reads a lot of books, especially fantasy and science fiction, listens to alternative music and also really enjoys video games.  He hopes to attend UT Austin, UT Dallas or A&M and major in Computer Science and continue with choir. 


Jared, we hope you achieve all your dreams and do indeed one day develop video games for Bethesda Softworks!

Seniors 2017

Singer and Songwriter, Camyrn

Camryn is a senior at Cypress Woods high school and she chose Nounou Photography because she heard from her friends we previously photographed, that we are creative and fun, but also different.  Camryn is beautiful but extremely hard on herself and choosy about how she wants others to view her, so we feel honored that Camyrn did so much research for her senior portraits and she still chose Nounou Photography.


At Cy Woods HS, Camryn participates in choir and theater.  She has also written and performed her song “Letters” and it is posted in Sound Cloud (   With so many musical talents, Camryn has her goals set to attend Belmont University located in Nashville, Tennessee.  She plans to be a music business major and one day hopes to be a singer or producer.  When asked who inspires her, Camryn says “Adele”.  She likes how Adele presents herself positively and she also likes to sing similar music.


While other seniors might be watching tv, playing video games or reading, Camryn is writing songs, paying the piano or her guitar and singing.  We know that with her outgoing personality, personal drive and her beautiful smile, we at Nounou Photography believe Camryn will be a future star!

Seniors 2017

Elly, always has a song in her heart!

This isn’t the first time we have photographed someone in her family, but it is the first senior session and we were so excited to get to know Elly.  As a senior from Stratford High School, Ellly participates in two theater and one choir class.  Hopefully, one day Elly can use her love for music and “eye for the stage” to act or direct plays, maybe even work behind the scenes. 

Elly is originally from Chicago so she was super excited to watch her beloved Cubs win the World Series this year.  Her entire family cheered loudly from Houston… perhaps they will provide the same luck as they now continue to cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks (that’s a hockey team for all of us that don’t follow hockey in the south). 

If you know Elly, you would say she is a planner and a goal setter.  She also has a great work ethic and she is hoping to continue her education at the University of Houston or Texas State.  She always strives to see the good in others “just like her mom”.


Elly, we wish you all the best!  We are sure you will succeed given your talents and drive and it will be exciting to see where your future leads!

Seniors 2017

Aspiring to Fly

Finally 2017 has arrived and this year’s class of seniors can officially begin their countdown!  We are starting our year off by introducing Cesar, a current senior from Cypress Lakes High School.  Cesar is a dedicated member of the Cypress Lakes HS band where he plays the Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet. 

Cesar’s favorite subject in school is math, especially geometry.  This love for math will surely serve him well with his future career goals of becoming an Aerospace Engineer!  Cesar hopes to attend Texas A&M or the University of Houston and major in Aeronautics and Aviation. 

For fun, Cesar currently likes to speed along on his skateboard and watch Formula 1 Racing.  In the summer, Cesar volunteers at his church during vacation Bible school and helps with elementary aged children.  He is also a member of Boy Scouts and regularly volunteers at the TWRC, animal rescue.


We at Nounou Photography wish Cesar all the best and we know that when given the opportunity to make a difference, he definitely will exceed your expectations!

Seniors 2017

He Can Go The Distance!

With this blog, we introduce Jimmy, a current senior from Langham Creek High School.  We have known Jimmy and his family since he was in elementary school at Lowery.  Nounou Photography also had the pleasure of photographing his older sister and we were so happy to work with this family again.

Jimmy loves to run and he has been running cross country since middle school.  One of his favorite memories is a run he completed in Galveston along the beautiful seawall.  Running is a way for Jimmy to take out his frustrations and to just “zone in” on what he wants he needs to accomplish.

At this time, Jimmy doesn’t know exactly which university he will attend, but he is excited about the possibilities.  We wish Jimmy all the best, and hope our paths cross again!